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Dutch Culture

Creative Europe Desk NL | Dutch Culture organiseerde 25 september een Europa Dag.

Het thema was ‘Audience Development‘, één van de speerpunten in het EU Creative Europe programma. Het event en bijbehorende thema werden poëtisch samengevat door PoetryPusher. Het Engelstalige gedicht is onderaan dit bericht terug te lezen.

Justin Samgar boeken als huisdichter kan via info@poetrypusher.com



Internationale sprekers uit de culturele en audiovisuele sector gaan in op uiteenlopende aspecten van ‘audience development’. Richard Hadley van Audience Development Network verzorgt een keynote. Vanuit de Europese Commissie lichten Monica Urian de Sousa en Dag Asbjørnsen het speerpunt ‘Audience Development’ binnen Creative Europe toe.

Tim Plyming, executive producer bij de BBC (UK), Marek Bien, initiatiefnemer Scope50 (PL) en Annette Mees, regisseur en co-artistiek directeur van het transmediacollectief Coney in Londen (UK) vertellen aan de hand van praktijkvoorbeelden hoe ‘Audience Development’ werkt bij de opzet en uitvoering van activiteiten en events.


Audience Development

How do I develop my audience,
which in this case is you
The answer is stupidly obvious
and in my reality also true

I´m not going to tell you now,
but at the end of this spoken
Because the why, what and how
are just as important
then a plot unbroken

Of course I needed to learn
how to write profitable poetry,
to get that what I want to earn
And I learned it very slowly
because no poet showed it to me

At that point I needed money,
media, marketing and distribution
I needed to be sexy, interesting, funny,
winning and losing, clear and not confusing

I needed to put everything in it that I had
Without forgetting
the audience that I have
and also trying to reach so bad
with my mental stage setting

And then I had to discover
when I was sharing
information with others
They started caring
about me and my bothers

I found out that for me personally,
(and maybe universally)
it´s all about the real connection
the feeling that you give your audience
and that you can feel back in their applause
The me in you and the you in me

Because if you felt what I just did
or what I meant.. and you liked it
Then you as the audience
will develop my next gig

Justin Samgar